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    Village Inn - Hotball

    A 75 Ball Bingo room with a twist! The ever-popular game offers the chance to win extra money with the exclusive hotball. The player will win both the game prize and the hotball prize.

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    90 Ball Bingo with Supertickets

    Players can win extra money over and above the regular full house prize in every scheduled game. Call full house during the game and you will win prizes worth the value stated by you

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    Power Bingo

    Players choose the card price and the prize limits. All players play the same game regardless of the card price, but those who pay more for their tickets have the privilege of winning a substantially higher value prize

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    Elimination Bingo

    As player’s numbers are marked off, their cards turn to ash. As the numbers get marked off quickly, the cards start disappearing at a faster rate. The player with the last card wins the prize in this fight with the Bingo Devil

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    Speed Bingo

    Are you game for a fast-paced 75 ball bingo? Each game spans across 3 minutes and the room is open only for 12 hours. Just jump into this speeding train and win big in our progressive jackpot

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    Chipvan Bingo

    Chip Van Bingo is one of our best value bingo games. The tickets costs a mere 1p and the room is open for 2 hours.

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    Village Fair Bingo

    An 80 Ball Bingo game where you are a winner even if you are close enough. If you have 1 to go or even 2 to go, we make sure you win! Check out the easy variations to match and win the progressive jackpot